Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are you?

We are a renowned academic essay writing, proofreading and editing company based in the North West of England. We provide students with first-class academic writing and editing services they can always rely on for the highest calibre work and customer services. Covering most of the academic subjects and every academic level from GCSE to PhD, we boast a growing team of highly quSERVICE ACADEMICied academic researchers, writers and editors to assist you with all of your academic needs.

We provide model custom essays and dissertations that are:

Plagiarism-free – You will receive a free plagiarism scan with every order you place with us.

Delivered on time – If we don’t meet the agreed deadline, you will receive a full refund.

Guaranteed – Your essay will meet the standards of the grade you request.

Confidential – We promise to keep your personal details strictly confidential at all times.

Q. Can you provide help with research?

Absolutely. Having spent many years in academia at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, our academic experts are all too aware of how difficult it can be to conduct original academic research with the limited supervision available from one’s university department. University tutors, lecturers, researchers and professors are often far too busy with their own research and teaching loads to provide the kind of expert assistance and supervision that many students need. It is one of our principal purposes to help fill that gap.

Our academic researchers and writers can help you to locate the most pertinent and up-to-date resources needed for your specific research project. If you struggle with finding sources of data, journal articles, or anything else you need, we promise to guide you in the right direction in order to give your research project the very best chance of arriving at the outcome you want.

Q. What about referencing, citations, and bibliography?

When you receive your essay or dissertation it will fully referenced with the most relevant and up-to-date citations, formatted in accordance with the style you request. A complimentary bibliography is included with every order.

Q: What levels of study can you provide essays for?

We have hundreds of academic writers who are quSERVICE ACADEMICied at all academic levels across most academic disciplines. This being the case, we are able to provide essays at any academic level, from GCSE through to PhD.

Q: Can Someone Find out I've Asked You for Help?

Whilst there's nothing wrong with employing someone to get some help with your essay, we understand how you might want some additional privacy. We never release the details of our clients. Under no circumstances will we leak your information without our permission. We don't leak any of our work either. Every piece of writing is completely original and it's never available online at any point. There's no chance of anyone finding out you asked us for help.

Q: What stages are involved in the translation process?

From our years of experience, we've established the most effective workflow for managing translation projects. The stages we recommend are:

  • 1. gathering and understanding project requirements
  • 2. pre-translation file checks (depending on your file type, a pre-translation file-processing step may be needed)
  • 3. project placement and translator briefing
  • 4. translation (this stage may include proofreading or client review, depending on the service you purchase)
  • 5. delivery of translated files
  • 6. feedback management

Q: Can you send me an translation quote if I send you the link to my website?

We can send you a quote based on an initial estimate. However, in order to provide a final and 100% accurate quote we will require the source files including everything you require translating.

Q: Do you charge more for rush orders?

We always try to accommodate deadlines where we can. However, rush projects, due to their nature, can involve extensive project management and coordination time. For such requests there will be a 20-50% rush charge applied. Speak to one of the team to get an accurate quote.

Q: What are the implications of ordering a last-minute translation project?

We understand that sometimes you need translations in a hurry. We'll do our very best to help, however, please bear in mind:

We will apply a rush charge (an additional 20-50% depending on the conditions).

We may have to split the translation between several translators in order to meet the deadline, which could cause some stylistic inconsistencies there is an increased risk of human error due to the higher pressure involved.